Projects, past & present

Wired analogue camera

Home Security Camera System

One early 'project' was the installation of colour security cameras. Previously the three cameras, which survey the front back & side of our home, were B/W and lacked detail. The replacement cameras use inexpenive (circa £14) modules purchased from Hong Kong courtesy of Ebay.

The camera AV output is digitised by standard USB devices. Any motion that is detected will start a timed recording sequence. The night time operation does not use IR illumination, bur relies upon the operation of PIR security lighting.

The camera video is also streamed and can be accessed using this website. (NB password protected)

I also have a collection of redundant ex-security type cameras. Ranging from standard rectangular case designs to domes. Now several are available to anyone who is interested - either collect or delivered at cost. These make excellent home-security systems, I have three permanently active. As described earlier, any motion detected is recorded on a hard disk and the video is streamed via my website on the Internet.

I have experimented with a couple of inexpensive IP cameras, one was 'wired ethernet' the second wireless. While only pan & tilt (no zoom) they function resonably well. These cost about £35 so do suffer from rather poor video quality. For example the colour (hue) results in purple trees and grass and no compensation is possible. Night vision (B/W) is possible up to about 5m (quite a bit less than stated).

Wireless IP camera

The main advantage of IP cameras is their ability to be streamed directly on the Internet. Recording of events can be done at the client device (ie PC). These less expensive devices do offer a free DDNS service so that the problem of a dynamic IP can be overcome. If you have the login, have a look at the two IP cameras. P&T control is slow but it does work.


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